Help Us Make a Difference.  Your support to our cause can greatly facilitate in achieving global competitiveness of Philippine products and services.  Together, we can empower and make a positive impact on the Philippine economy. Your generous support is needed for the successful implementation of our programs.


For the Private sector, you can sponsor one of our events or build a long term shared value partnership where we share our expertise in quality infrastructure and you provide us you’re your technical expertise and financial support.  Through our joint efforts in the quest for effective standardization, measurement, accreditation, and regulation, we can readily respond to the needs of industry to produce quality goods and services, as well as provide support to regulatory bodies in effectively implementing laws and regulations.


As a DONOR, your assistance will confirm your active support for NQI and competitiveness enhancement; and as such the company is:

  • Entitled to  send  2 Delegates to  our  Forums, free  of  charge.
  • Encouraged to distribute company  promotional  materials  in  our Forums.
  • Going to be  listed  in our website as our partner.


Please contact us to make arrangements if you’d like to make any donations.