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Be a Volunteer


Join Team PhilMSTQ and make a big impact on the competitiveness of Philippine products and services.  As a volunteer professional, you provide your expertise in communication, fundraising, legal matters or other expertise needed to achieve PhilMSTQ’s goals.  You will also work with the PhilMSTQ Secretariat to ensure smooth implementation of our activities.


As an active volunteer, you can/will:

  • Act as resource speaker/facilitator in NQI seminars/trainings
  • Act as resource person/mentor in NQI special program/ projects
  • Promote PhilMSTQ’s seminars/ trainings for the enhancement of the Philippine National Quality Infrastructure
  • Formulate or help prepare project/ program proposals as a support to PhilMSTQ’s goals
  • Others (e.g. Solicit individual/ institutional membership; help secure sponsors for NQI activities, etc.)


If you would like to support PhilMSTQ as a volunteer, please contact us at