PhilMSTQ was instrumental in the inclusion of NQI in the medium term Philippine Development Plan., (PDP), of 2011-2016, which states that

“The government shall set up a National Quality Infrastructure to integrate and coordinate series of activities involving metrology, standardization, testing, and accreditation and certification. It will provide procedural landscape for products and services of enterprises, particularly SMEs, to meet quality requirements. It will guarantee competitiveness in the national and international markets through quality certification”.

In line with the intent of the PDP andPhilMSTQ’s guiding principles on education, collaboration, and cooperation, we network with various stakeholders,including consumer groups, technical experts, members of the industry,academe, media, law and policymakers, to promote NQI in the Philippines.  Fora/technical consultative meetings are conducted to educate the different stakeholderson the basics and importance of NQI and to support industry and SMEs.

Fora/ Technical and Consultative meetings with Stakeholders

Networking among NQI institutions
  • (PhilMSTQ, NML, STD, PAB, and BAFS) and other NQI institutions to discuss NQI related topics and plan joint activities.


Quality Matters
  • Launch of the Study on National Quality Infrastructure and Government Regulatory Practices;
  • Maximizing Acceptability of Philippine Products Through Metrology Standards, Testing and Quality;


NQI briefings for policy makers, LGUs, thought leaders, business leaders
  • Orientation on NQI for the Communications and Policy team, of Senator Bam Aquino, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Trade at the Senate;
  • NQI presentation at the Senate Trade Committee hearing on Steel;
  • NQI Forum for LGUs and Academe: The Role of LGUs and Academe for Global Competitiveness and Consumer Protection;
  • Collaboration with representatives from the EU Trade Related Technical Assistance (EU-TRTA3)
  • Participation in the NQI Umbrella Law drafted under EU TRTA
FDA and DOH Engagement
  • Coordination meeting with FDA and PAB on a streamlined accreditation process and provisions on FDA’s draft rules on accreditation
  • Forum-Workshop on Technical Regulations and Standards for the Department for Health
  • FDA-PhilMSTQ , NQI Joint Planning Workshop
  • Consultations with select industries/consumer groups as partners in NQI promotion


NQI needs assessment for industry with representatives of the manufacturing industry (Federation of Philippine Industry members);
  • Standardization, Productivity, Innovation, and Certification for Enterprises (SPICE) to enhance trade-related compliance capacity of Philippine food processing firms;
  • Calidena Workshop: Quality Management in the Dried Mango Value Chain to identify quality-related potential improvements of the NQI;
  • Paper industry in the setting up of a common testing laboratory;
  • Paper Industry Association and German Quality expert;
  • Philippine Fiber Development Authority;
  • Construction industry through the Bureau of Working Conditions and Occupational Safety and Health Center of DOLE;

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